Right after Apple announced the iPhone 13 series, it is expected to release the official version of its new operating system, iOS 15. iOS 15, which has been tested in beta for a few months, will likely be available with the iPhone 13 Nvidia family. However, according to the company’s recent statement, SharePlaye will not appear in the first official release. The company will reveal it to the user in its next updates.

It seems that the US manufacturer will not only announce its new iPhones at this event. In addition; The new smart watch, which will be called Apple Watch Series 7, is expected to become official on the same day. The Watch Series 7, which is expected to have a larger size and renewed design, will come with flat edges and a large 41/45mm screen.

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In addition to the smartwatch, the company will also introduce the new entry-level AirPods headset, according to rumors, in the same time frame. It is also among the leaks that there will be a surprise launch in the new MacBook Pros.

There are more than one billion devices using Windows and Android operating systems around the world. There are important factors that distinguish them from each other. However, since the basic hardware used in almost all of them is produced by technology companies that have become the industry standard, a problem affects every device regardless of brand.

The biggest example of this has been detected recently. A security vulnerability has been found in Bluetooth chips from chipset manufacturers, including Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Infineon (Cypress), Silicon Labs, and Intel. Listed with version number CVE-2021-28139, the BrakTooth attack reaches computers from smartphones with Bluetooth Connection Manager Protocol packages. crashes so many devices. According to initial findings, traces of the vulnerability were found on 13 motherboard models, but with the potential to affect a total of 1,400 chipsets.

According to the news of MSPowerUser, the following devices were exposed to the BrakTooth attack, which does not distinguish between brand / model:

Dell Optiplex and Alienware computers
Microsoft Surface Go 2, Pro 7 and Book 3
Pocophone F1, Oppo Reno 5G

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It was stated that BluTrum, Expressif, Infineon took precautions against the BrakTooth attack and fixed the problem with software updates. However, as far as it is reported, Intel and Qualcomm have not yet taken any steps to resolve the vulnerability. This means that millions or even billions of smartphones, tablets and computers are still vulnerable.

The hacker uses Bluetooth to attack his victim’s smartphone. Therefore, the feature must be active on the device for that moment. For this reason, users are advised to keep Bluetooth turned off until the security update comes from the manufacturer. Homepage

Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi, a computer science expert from the University of California, announced that a severe solar storm that occurs once in 100 years can completely collapse the technology in the world and lead to the internet apocalypse. Abdu Jyothi claimed that due to the storm, there will be a power outage that will continue for months in the world.

Jyothi said, “What makes me wonder about this is that we have seen how vulnerable we are to crises in the world during the pandemic process. Our technology infrastructure is unprepared for a large-scale solar storm.”

Earth’s magnetic shield prevents magnetic particles known as the solar wind from damaging the earth. However, the solar wind can experience a severe storm for a period of 80-100 years. In the Carrington Event of 1859, the telegraph wires in the world were burned and communication was damaged due to the storm in the Sun. Stating that humanity has become more dependent on communication right now, Jyothi said that it is possible to avoid damage to local and regional internet connections as fiber optic cables are not affected by geomagnetically induced currents.

Submarine cables vulnerable to storm
On the other hand, the situation is a little different for internet cables passing under submarines between continents. Cables equipped with repeaters to boost optical signals are vulnerable to geomagnetic currents. Jyothi says that any problems with these cables could cut off communication between continents. Stating that it will take a long time to repair the cables again, the scientist states that the world may experience an economic crisis by losing the livelihoods of millions.
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WhatsApp, one of the most used messaging platforms in the world, is constantly getting brand new features thanks to new updates.

Especially after the controversial privacy policy, the company rolled up its sleeves, constantly adding new features to the platform to win the hearts of users again. However, new updates and features will not be available on every phone. Because WhatsApp has announced that it will end the support of some models this year, as it does every year.